We encourage all prospective tenants to fully read and understand the current guide for renting a home privately under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, whether this be directly through a Landlord or reputable Letting Agent.

Please contact PDF Estates for a FREE COPY of the most recent How To Rent Guide – The Checklist for renting in England.

At PDF Estates we always ensure that everyone’s personal rights are protected and their responsibilities are met.

If you are merely lodging (living with your landlord) or people with licenses (such as many property guardians), nor tenants where the property is not your main or only home, then you need to be aware of other various guidance notes, that are specific to these requirements.

Whatever your personal situation is, we are here to help. Never feel pressured or forced into a decision. We always encourage you to get everything in writing – the simple rule of thumb is “if it is not in writing, it has never been said or happened”.

It’s so important to understand the terms and conditions of any contract you agree to, before committing to it.

PDF Estates is here to help make your desired rental property, your home.