PDF Estates Ltd was incorporated in December 2015. 

The idea of forming this company, followed on from the wonderful family traditions that the owner, Mr Peter Beisty had come from. In 1992, Peter was given the opportunity to build his own successful property portfolio. For almost 30 years, Peter remains as focused as ever in delivering a prompt, reliable, honest, and friendly service to all.  

At PDF Estates, we want to expand upon our success and help fellow quality landlords alike, in making their rented properties always feel like home to all our tenants. It is through these values we instill, that has led to our tenants remaining under our management for the long term, while taking excellent care of all the properties under our  management.   

Unfortunately, there continues to be an issue where good honest landlords continue to struggle to find reliable, affordable, dependable and competent professional services, to help with their property management requirements, and this is where our company, PDF Estates, is able to step in.  

Entrusting us with your property portfolio, regardless of its size, you will receive exceptional value and benefits from us, together with complete “peace-of-mind” in knowing that your properties will always be managed to the very highest of standards, and always at a reasonable and competitive cost to you. 

In fact, we are confident you will be so impressed with the prompt support and professional and reliable range of services that we provide, that you will only want to increase your overall business with us and feel confident in recommending us to your fellow family, friends and colleagues, who also have property that they wish to be rented out and managed effectively.                     

Our clear pricing and ability to manage all properties effectively, with minimum fuss and expense, and without ever compromising the quality of our work, makes us extremely proud of the reputation we have built to date. Having established long standing relationships with fellow landlords, tenants and suppliers, is testament to our values and the great job that we do each and every day.  

We want to know more about you, about the types of properties you own, and rent out, and if there is any way that we can help benefit you, your friends, your family and colleagues further.